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January 13, 2017

Happy Weekend guys 😀

So, I happened to hop in a restaurant o’ rather a café opened recently in Adyar, Chennai-ARAMA Cafe. But what is really special in this…? Let me quickly brief you what it is all about. So Arama café has adapted the concept of Basic Indian cuisine with a twist of their own style, so all you find is our well-known quick bites which we get anywhere but, but.. there comes the twist ?

 Why don’t you guys have a look at the pictures and learn what they have tried “out of the box”.


((Pic 1 and 2 From Internet)^

^This is how their set up was:)

And here goes the Menu on the table 😀


Can you see how they have set up this dish ? It  is the same old crispy noodle/chopsuey served on a tumbler accompanied by a Szechuan style sauce. Although this was my least liked dish out of the ones we tried. I like the way they have named it and thought of.





YAY ! YAY ! Most favourite 😀 This is our traditional flavored bhajji twisted on the plate with these cute inkfillers wth Mint chutney. One can just inject the chutney and dig in <3 It’s amazing I say. You can see how my plate was after a happy tummy.



Neatly covered in roasted masala and served on a skewer. Idly lovers should try this twist of a chinese style to it. They were appetizing though.



Guesses already ? Yeah It is the Masala pappad. One cannot afford to miss this pappad topped with cool tangy and coconut cream with all other usual veggies



Some Burger guys ? This was the most creative of all. They call it chomp sized burgers-It was fun eating it. A layer of toasted bread with onion,tomatoes mint chutney, Aloo tikki patties, some cheese and jalapenos. Wow 🙂 This was epic (Why don’t you guys try this at home ?)


Drinks ?

We ordered The SOUTHERN THRILL – A perfect blend of Coconut water, scraped cucumber, Lime Juice, Mint and some Sugar Syrup. It’s a mild mocktail best matched for the food they serve there.

The other was my most favourite and can’t miss HOT CHOCOLATE – The usual hot chocolate served in an over-sized mug topped with some brownie fudge 😀 (Wish the mug was smaller though)

Hope you guys got an eye over the new café 😀 Do visit and try out their dishes 🙂

Made with love,

Swetha Renukumar