One Pitch Catch Turns1.

January 8, 2018

Wishing only the best to y’all.
Happiest New Year, my people ❤️

Feels still fresh with my first blog post, but it’s been a year now. I’m brimmed with content and immense joy with all the support and love been showed upon me last year and for making my blogging career a great success.
Yes, One Pitch Catch is officially 1.

I thought I would share a little bit about my journey and the tunnels I passed in and the slides I crossed by and the elevators that pushed me up. Let me start with my Blog’s name One Pitch Catch; the most FAQ on me. I honestly have no reasonable answer, but it just evolved with a little thinking of a name that gets registered easily on people’s mind as well as thought this Pitch would be useful to not just Fashion ideas, but more of Lifestyle, Art, Food and Fun. Hence, One Pitch Catch got its name.

Of course standing here now, having won some good hearts and words also standing by my motto : “My heart and my Client Satisfaction” was not a very Sweet and Rosy job. I was definitely put to situations of hopelessness, blind barriers, difficulties in adjusting to the norms of this field and all that. But then I made up my mind to only one thing:Do what you wanted to do, Never try to settle under the norms, go beyond what the actual guidelines are, give your maximum best and the work speaks the rest.
I have luckily been working with all amazing people as my Clients, Makeup artists, Assists and specially my brilliant Photographers who got my blog a very good standard of Quality.
I never wanted to run the race, I never wanted to settle for less. I wanted to fly my own way and ask for what our work really deserves.
2017 has been a great year to me, with more learnings and good memories to take back.
I really wish this blog post gives my people the feel I want to convey, but nothing other than my heartfelt gratitude comes up at this juncture. What would I do without you all 🤗You have been my greatest source of motivating factor, believed in me, came forward to work with me, accepted my work nature, loved my output and encouraged me in doing more of them. I am really Thankful to you all.

Choosing to blog was clearly the best decision I every made in my life. When I was put through a lot of questions of ‘Why this?’ And ‘How this?’ as a profession initially by my own family – Silence was my only answer. But the work I made up and the feel my heart gives every time when my client feedbacks me for the final output was just all of it❤️. Very soon did I get accepted for doing a worthwhile hobby(to my family) and since then my family has been the most sweetest supportive people ever. I still remember how I ran up to my sister for the makeup, my mother for the styling and my aunts for saree draping, which they all did with a huge smile and content on their face, how I know they would eagerly wait to see the final pictures and feel happy about being a part of it (Best feel). Being a married woman blogger I had to tackle a bit of responsibilities back home, but some generous thanks to my family for extending the comfort of ‘We are there, you can go ahead with your work’. It is definitely an emotional moment for me, to reach this place in just a year, being recognised as one of the popular Chennai Blogger, with the love and support of you all. Thank you to all the features I have been listed on, in some of the Magazines, websites and other forums, for recognising my work and giving me this space to grow more, learn more and do more.

What special this year ? Had been breaking my head with heavy thinking and I finally settled with releasing a Calendar for this New year as well as a mark for OPC turning 1. To all the people I started working with nothing but just Trust, and my clients bringing me repeat opportunities and believing in me, not to forget my family, my extended family;my darling friends-to you all, I dedicate this Calendar.



Calendar designed by PRASHUN PRASHANTH.


Made with love❤️
Swetha Renukumar
One Pitch Catch.

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