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July 8, 2017

Do we wait for something more than what we have to wait for a Weekend ? 😀 No way-right?. (Just high on weekends) Today i have another plan for yet another weekend especially for all you beautiful ladies. Not just entertaining but also for a cause ? Maybe for a get-together or fitness? Why not a little thought on wellness ? Yes ! Everything put together. A brilliant initiative by Twin Birds sponsoring the Dream Runners Half Marathon on July 23rd,2017, their official Wellness sponsor.

A quick look into their video

We hear and read almost on a daily basis on Women wellness. Wellbeing only satisfies when you are mentally and physically strong to go. Are we mentally happy as well as physically good going ? Are we stress-free? Tension-free? Absolutely not ! What steps do we take at least to reduce them and make our lives little better ?

When most of the times women get tired of running inside their own nutshell, worn out doing their responsibilities and duties just to make others happy, selflessly spending their time and energy on people around them without expecting much in return. Dont you need sometime for yourself ? Giving the best you can to your body and mind-A definite Yes !

Have you ever thought what would you do if you were not let to do work for your own good ? You were not given that equal status you yearned for. That one day you are aimlessly waiting to achieve something in your life. Don’t you need a break to put them altogether and hit it with your attitude.

Inspiring Women and those who are on the process of becoming one and to all those who have been inspired by someone and wish to become one of a kind very soon; to you all – Let us all fly together on this day forgetting your daily routine and jump high just for yourself and just for the good of you; your mind and body.

The Dream Runners Half Marathon is happening. Hurry and Register yourselves on . Registrations closes on July 9th,2017. Quickly check out the site and follow the necessary steps and be one among their enthusiastic birds to fly high in the Marathon. Hope you would be a part of their achievement in promoting Women wellness and to their betterment. Don’t forget to tag in your friends along and also get some exciting gift coupons from Twin birds.


Made with love ❤️

Swetha Renukumar


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