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June 23, 2017

Hey all ❤️

Would like to take this space for a few minute read to share my recent experience with VLCC,Chennai on their new ELIXIR THERAPY.

As we all know VLCC is not just a beauty corner but also a Wellness centre, We often misinterpret it to Slimming centre which is not, they call it wellness-being fit in a healthy way. Elixir therapy was an advanced technique of the same which had been in market for few a months. What is different on Elixir to normal weight loss programme is their efficiency in loosing up to more than 10cms or even up to 15cms in one session and weight coming down by 400-800gms (depends on the body type).


I was first briefed about their wellness section and their programmes, techniques their advanced machines and their fitness rule which is •Programme+Diet+Workout• which is essential to not gain back the weight you lost in your session or even after you complete your programme. I was attended by a well equipped staff who took me to their Massage/Wellness room and gave me some more information as to what was going to happen for the next 3 hours.

The session started off by taking my body measurements from neck to toe and continued with a brilliant massage  (hard or medium) according to your comfort-I chose hard massage and it went upto an hour from head to toe which was indeed relaxing and need not mention a good massage means a good sleep. I slept straight one hour and it was followed by a PEBBLE massage the famous YIN YANG-those pebble stones which has the properties to neutralise our levels inside our body i.e it reduces our negative energy and makes it positive. (Now, this is something new-right?) and the pebbles were dipped in hot running water and were rubbed on the entire body which was even more soothing  (For those who like Hard massage). After which I was thoroughly scrubbed with a powder that is meant to cleanse away impurities or rather detox our body. Followed by taking a steam or heat bed and finally was the technology part which was administered on the part specifically you wanted to see difference or loose weight – I choose tummy and the machine had to run over my tummy for about 15 minutes-which had a sucking effect on the skin which will cause some bearable pain because of the skin pulling. It would disappear once the machine is removed, though.

Now that the entire session is completed ✅ and your measurements are again taken where you can see some tremendous magic on your body- I had found inch loss of more than 15cms on the whole and I lost around 450 gms in one session which is pretty good. That was indeed a good session to have attended. Customization of programmes can be made accordingly to body types, their BMI chart and other levels of Fat, Water etc.

Thank You VLCC for having me over to try yout amazing Elixir Therapy-Inch loss and weight loss programme.



Made With Love ❤️

Swetha Renukumar.


Location – VLCC,Poonamale High Road.


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