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May 16, 2017

Apologies for the unofficial break, lovelies. ??

While I was away from the Fashion and other related shoots I got another bunch of ‘much needed’ stuffs which you guys are in serious need of especially when this Hot Summer vibe is taking over. So, why not ‘Health’ ? Health does not have to do only with the internal body but also, external health care, hygiene is necessary.

When you hear the word ‘Himalaya’ people would often refer the name to The Great Himalayas Mt. but, I bet-all the middle-aged women, young adults would have equal attention on Himalaya Personal Care. How deep was Himalaya a part of your life ? Definitely to some extent. Any girl/woman would have tried it at some point of your life.

Now what’s new about them ? (Pretty much a question) So, Himalaya came up with this exciting  and a quirky campaign ‘CHENNAI PONNU’ which took its full swing on our darling Chennai ponnus ? Himalaya had paid their right tribute and gratitude to their loyal customers, right?  Yeah ? Check out their campaign ‘ChennaiPonnu’ and also be a part of it, ladies.

Find the video here:

I had received a beautiful hamper from Himalaya which had the below products, I shall be explaining it in short down. All that you guys should do is Check their awesome products and Let’s say Chennai ponnu Podu thagida thagida Thagida ?

The Hamper I received for the campaign.

The super cute boxing


The Facial kit

Let’s try this. Quick and easy Facial at home.


Use the Purifying Neem Face Wash just like any other face wash you use.


Take some amount of Purifying Neem Scrub and scrub all over your face and neck. Wash it and pat it dry.


Apply the Purifying Neem Pack on dry face . Let it for some time and wash it off with normal water.

Done with the easiest facial ever.

Believe it or not I have been using the Face wash since a long time even months before they sent this and they are so good on any skin type. The benefits of Neem is not something that has to be said every time. Get your neem benefits right this summer with the absolutely affordable facial kit from Himalaya Personal Care.

Also, I have received a super chic Tote bag with their Chennai Ponnu logo printed and A uber-cool white tee and also a ChennaiPonnu keychain ?

ThankYou Himalaya Personal Care.

Until next time with other events and reviews.

Made with Love ❤️

Swetha Renukumar.

One Pitch Catch.

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